Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Orlando Philharmonic Concert at Bok Tower

 On our recent jaunt to the Orlando area to see family and do a little shopping we added an outdoor concert by the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra to our itinerary.

The event was held at the Bok Tower Gardens in Lake Wales, Florida about an hour outside Orlando.   The setting was lovely in spite of the uncharacteristically windy and chilly night.  

Live music, especially classical or opera, holds a special place in my heart.  The love affair began when my parents took me to see The Nutcracker.

My mother bought me a gorgeous burgundy velvet frame bag with a gold tone chain strap.  I held it on my arm as if it were a Birkin bag.  It seemed that glamorous to twelve year old me.  The bag was just the beginning.

Bok Tower

While I loved the lithe graceful ballerinas, I was entranced by the music.   There was a power and life that simply didn't exist when played on our stereo.  It gave me goosebumps.  As a teenager, I patronized the El Paso Symphony but my tastes turned a bit modern.  So I also saw Gwar or The Smithereens while still dressing up and listening to string quartets.

While I still listen to alternative tunes favored by aging wanna-be hispter goofs, I remain faithful to classical music and my beloved opera.  So this was a real treat.
My Pop and I

Shoes off and relaxed.

This concert was a much different experience than my usual symphonic outings.  My mother's lovely gift had impressed upon me the need to dress up if someone was putting to bow to strings.  So an outdoor concert presented more than a few challenges.

For seating we "borrowed" a blanket from the hotel.  It was the perfect size and easily smuggled out in a large tote bag.  With that taken care of my concerns turned to wardrobe.

The nippy weather was perfect for comfy snuggley clothes.  Even so for me jeans or a sweatshirt with sneakers wasn't an option.  My mom didn't raise me that way. I wore tweed pants, a silk shirt and cozy cowl neck sweater.   I actually showed up in heels!  Once I saw the grassy pathway to the venue I put on my trusty ballet flats. 

My dad wore his beloved West Virgina baseball cap.  And despite his aversion to taking pictures he posed for a few to pacify his pushy daughter.  

He loved the music even singing along to a few of the songs.  I shooshed him and he ignored me.  Order remained in the universe. 

When the cold got to be too much we packed up and headed out.  Each of us chilled to the bone but happy to have ventured out to enjoy the music and the company.
Snuggling my fave partner in crime and concerts.
A little wine to keep warm. 

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