Friday, February 17, 2012

Love Is All Around

Love Necklace - Sterling Silver & Bronze
 Earlier this week my mother told me that one of her dearest friends had been diagnosed with cancer.  It was unexpected and a tough blow for everyone.

Rather than wallow this amazing woman has rallied and is ready to face what lies ahead and come out smiling.  Make no mistake the road ahead is going to be rough.  There will be surgery and radiation therapy.  But she has wonderful medical care, a loving husband, supportive friends and a devoted dog.  And now a necklace meant to remind her that she is loved.

I wanted the necklace to have meaning so I gave the design serious thought.  Though simple it was created with her journey in mind.

Bronze is a metal alloy whose healing power is tied to touch.  Physical contact is said to bring calmness and meaningful thoughts. The simple bar shaped pendant is meant to easily be grabbed and touched.   With time bronze tarnishes taking on a rustic gold tone.  She can easily clean it by wiping it with any fabric.  But the stamped letters will only become darker and more prominent with time.  Always reminding her that she is loved.

The pendant is backed with sterling silver and hung on a sterling silver round snake chain.
Monty modeling with the necklace

I hope she finds the necklace to be a comfort.  It was made with the best intentions.