Monday, January 30, 2012

How to Wash, Dry & Store Your Enamel

I adore color.  So it was love at first sprinkle with enamel.  My first few sessions I was fortunate enough to use someone else's materials.   That meant I didn't have to prep the enamels and used a huge kiln.

These days I am on my own with a humble little beehive kiln and prepping my own enamels.  Though it can be time consuming washing enamel is essential for translucent, as well as opaque enamels.  It ensures a truer color and a better final product.    

The added bonus is that the filtered material can be used for counter enamel.  That will save you a few bucks.  Who wouldn't love that?  

This video from Art Jewelry magazine is a great step by step for anyone interested in learning how to wash, dry and store their enamels.  I hope you find it helpful.