Thursday, September 15, 2011

How to Make Gift Tags

For me nothing is more wonderful than handmade gift. This may explain why I have crafted everything from scarves to spice mixes to gift friends and loved ones. Each gift is made with loving care so I think the packaging should express the same sentiment.

I recently finished a Clapotis for one of my dearest friends. I couldn't bear the thought of it traveling to Texas in an ugly box. So I looked for the perfect box.  I got lucky and found a pale minty green box with polka dots.  Next, I  rustled up coordinating tissue paper and made the gift tag.  The end result was a sweet perfection.  

I had never made my own gift tag before.  So there was a little trial and error.  In the end I was able to create what I hope is pretty and practical keepsake for the giftee.   

 How to Make a Gift Tag

Print each side of the tag on the same sheet of paper. 
 Print out the gift tag text.  In this case I was doing a two sided tag so I had to ensure there was enough space between the text of each side.

The backside had fiber and care instructions.  This can be pretty handy for knit and crochet items.    
 Then cut the gift tag out of a light cardboard.  The shape can vary.  In this case I went with a traditional shape.

The tag can also be used to put extra buttons, yarn or thread. 
Cover one side with glue and adhere the printed text. Trim. Repeat on the other side.  Add any embellishments.  Finally, using a hole punch make a hole.  You can use this to attach the tag to the gift.  

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